Why’s everyone being so kind mummy?

Why’s everyone being so kind to us mummy?

The question Stanley recently asked me… we’ve been honest and open about me having cancer and that they can’t cure it any more, however we’ve held back the fact mummy is going to die of cancer…unless something gets me sooner… years is what I hope I have , however as medicines progress who’s to say we can’t squeeze out a few more…or sadly as we don’t know how or when the cancer will progress or how I will respond to treatments , us all being so different you just don’t know what will work for you so I don’t have a definite answer, this in mind we’ve not mentioned to Stanley that I’m not going to be here as he enters his adult life…. he needs to know that when years becomes months as just 24 little hours is a long time for an 8 year old.

On this fact I can understand his confusion on why everyone is being so kind to us…

When I started my blog I never dreamed that those reading it would set out to start helping me for fill my Live it list…but you all have!

At first I felt embarrassed and not sure if I should be saying yes to the offers of help, but then after a bad day I realised I need to be doing these things and making these memories and some we do need help with, if not through physical actions but by financial ones as we just don’t have the money to be able to do some of them and I refuse to go credit card mad and leave Rob in debt!

So my Thanks goes to everyone who donated to a secret Just giving page raising us an incredible amount of money to spend as we wish…we are not sure just yet where or when or what we are going to pick to do with it.

Thank you to Hayley and Jodie for setting this up…I know you say you did nothing but you instigated it and although I ended up finding out about it, I Thank you for doing it secretly as I’d probably have told you not to and would be missing out on being able to make these extra memories with added financial help.

My next Thank you is to Hayley Raistrick – Episkopos who organised us a coffee morning to raise money for us to go away, truly so so kind I got home and I felt incredibly humbled that so many went. Xxx

Then another surprise, our amazing trustee of ChemoHero and now very dear friend… like…if you could pick extra grandparents… ken and Chris would be mine… in fact I’ve now adopted them.. they don’t know it but I’ve fallen In Love with them both.

Well they secretly planned a couple of fundraisers with an amazing group of friends of theirs to raise money to start doing up our garden…. Stanley now is wondering around saying…”I can’t believe they’ve done our garden.”

It’s like we are in an episode of ground force at the moment as we watch our garden develop.

When we moved to fremington I was so excited to have a garden with grass so when we got a larger piece then expected I couldn’t wait to get going on it..unfortunately with struggling with fatigue over the last two years, I’d start then get so tired and give up…what this group have done for us is given us a garden We can now up keep with the hard manual part all done.

Today I got home, the sun was beaming and I got the hose pipe out and watered the flowers, feeling a sense of peace within and excitement to see all the plants grow…yes for a few seconds I felt the future and not the doom of cancer!

So never underestimate the power of gardening!!! .

I know when I question all these people they respond with what We have done for others etc and now they all want to help us…but we do ChemoHero because it helps us.

It gives me a place I can be around people and products who understand what I’ve gone through and what I’m currently going through… it’s pulled me through dark days and given me a reason behind all this nasty stuff!!

But I am incredibly greatful for all these people who have thought to make things a little easier for my family as we go through this disastrous life ruining disease.

My mum and dad are workers and this is how both my brother and I have been brought up…they’ve always told us to smile and be kind and that will get us far in life… I’m guessing this is why people are being so kind to us Stanley…so please smile and be kind as you grow up. Xxx