30 something Chemotherapyo

The great thing about social media is it has these flash back posts where you can see all the wonderful things you’ve experienced in the past… sadly mine seems to flash back 6 years ago… I almost died of deposit due to my pic line becoming infected.

3 years ago I was just coming to an end of 12 chemotherapies…

Today I sat feeling rather deflated and tired awaiting to have bloods taken from my spanking new port….pic below…

Its a nifty little device saving nurses time playing about with my forever hiding veins in my feet, they can access this far easier to take bloods at the moment, but in the future no doubt it’ll see my chemo go in.

I’ve been an anxious tearful mess today, early evening I took myself to bed as I wasn’t coping with my feelings very well about people and life…

There’s so much I want to get done yet I’m completed whacked right now,

We started to tidy the garage after the hospital today… didn’t seem to get very far… I found all Stanley’s baby cards so came inside and started to hole punch them and thread them so they now resemble a little book he can keep far easier.

Then we’ve had a game of master mind, I remember playing this game fir hours with my sister when I was younger while our parents did up the flat they had bought to rent out..

I’m sure I was a quicker thinker back then as I on,y managed 1 round before loosing interest…but we played a game… it was nice, no tv, just playing and listening to music!.I’m now in bed awaiting side effects that are creeping in slowly… nausea is the pig… I kinda wish I’d just throw up and be done but nope I get this sea sicky feeling which I hate.

In another few hours I’ll take up residency in the bathroom and spend the next couple of days feeling unsafe from being to far from a toilet!.

Tomorrow we are picking up our rocking chair from the hospice we have been doing up..we never finished it so maybe a good project for tomorrow once home.

Already feeling this week is a right off as I’ve no more to give to it.

Over and out!

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