So I’ve completed cycle 1 of the drug called Eribulin….I’ll share the name incase any one wants to google!.

I’m feeling pretty proud that I’ve managed to get through it and still feel mentally strong.

It’s made me feel queasy sick, ache a bit and caused stomach problems but for some reason all this still seems lighter than the previous treatment of tablets.

It’s a real quick infusion once it arrives on the chemo unit but last week took longer as my bloods were under parr.

My neutrophils were 0.9 and they wanted them at 1 for it to go a head….luckily I felt good and they agreed I could have it.

I felt less sick this week and my appetite has been better, although fully off sweet things I’m loving anything savoury…..literally 10am I could eat a jacket potato!.

This week I was really excited as I head into my week off treatment…even was going to get a sneaky day off school for stan as it’s flu vaccine time so as his school give the nasal spray stan can’t have it as it’s a live vaccine so has to have the injection…he couldn’t go in for the day.

We had lots planned but sadly the night before a rash I’d had a few days got worse so rob insisted I went to hospital.

Bloods immediately taken and came back that my neutrophil level was now 0.07….I have basically no reserve to fight anything….so I was kept in and given immediate antibiotics.

I don’t really care about staying in hospital…I just like to be prepared for it…which I wasn’t…so I’ve now got to make sure I’ve a hospital bag all prepped and with me….it’s like being pregnant again! However far less exciting….actually pretty crap!.

Hospital was ok…beef casserole sorted the whole savoury craving out…wouldn’t have got that at home!.

The most difficult thing was all this has timed with my hair falling out so my white hospital pillow was covered!

I felt depressed about being In hospital when I needed some self care time, like shower and try sort my hair.

Back home I was able to but it was masses of hair so I held out for the weekend and rob shaved it for a 3rd time in our lives.

It feels scary this time that I may never grow my hair back….I became almost vain a while back in not wanting treatment because I want to die looking myself with my hair… but now my mobility is at risk I know I’ve got to ditched the hair and go in head strong to chemotherapy.